Keno is a very exciting game that feels like a mix between bingo and lottery. At Always Vegas keno players can pick up to 15 numbers for a chance to win up to $200,000!

You can pick the numbers on the keno board by clicking your lucky ones by hand, or have them selected at random using the Quickpik button. You can pick from one to fifteen numbers, running from 1 to 80.

Use the buttons Play 1, Play 5 or Play 10 to choose the number of rounds you want to play without pausing. You can also change your coin, from $1 to $10 as your win is multiplied by the coin you picked.

At Always Vegas classic keno game you can pick up to 15 numbers on your ticket. The winnings change according to the hits you got out of your total picks:

Vegas Jackpot Keno
At Vegas Jackpot Keno you can pick up to 10 numbers on the board, and there is a fun twist – you can get paid for not hitting any numbers at all at 10 picks. The max win is 20,000 coins.